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Sabre Red 360. The smarter workflow that brings you a higher degree of data, content and flexibility.


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Introducing Sabre Red 360, our most innovative workflow ever. When you access the platform through this portal, you have a powerful travel booking experience that lets you perform in full, brilliant color. Discover a new spectrum of data and traveler visibility. Experience a workflow that delivers rich content, like a consumer travel site, but also gives you the command of the classic blue screen.

Sabre Red 360 is our smartest workflow all the way around. And it will change the way your business books, brands and builds.


Flexibility is the name of the game in travel. We meet the customer where they are. We try to do the same with our staff – arming agents with tools they trust. Our veterans love working in traditional blue cryptic. Which is not the case for new agents, who crave graphic displays. Sabre Red 360 delivers both well.

Marc Jacobsen
Vice President, Technology
Valerie Wilson Travel

Working with Sabre Red 360 has dramatically reduced our training time for new agents. What used to take 40 hours can now be done in four to five hours with Personal Trainer. Ramp-up time is a fraction of what it was. Now new agents are making reservations within a week.

Lisa Konkle
Training and Development Manager
Adelman Travel Group

This is a revolutionary upgrade. Now agents can interact with Sabre in a graphical way, and find a tremendous amount of easily accessible information. It makes shopping, selling, and working with PNRs much easier. I also like the ability for users to inject local programming into the workspace.

Dale Weston
Sr. Vice President
Travel Automation Management

We were early adopters of Sabre Red 360. It’s been exciting to see how Sabre has taken our feedback and evolved the workspace. Most of our agents have experience with the classic blue screen, so it was important for us to see new tools that enhance productivity across the board.

Rick Gertler
Global Trainer

Book For Agencies

Book in classic blue screen or with an intuitive, website-like experience - the choice is yours. Experience new insights and selling opportunities within the new workflow that enable a more consultative approach, while increasing customer service and revenue. The speed to productivity helps bring new agents into the fold faster than before. New agents are achieving two times the productivity in their first two to four months, with booking volumes matching counterparts with twice their tenure.

You will have access to relevant API content that lets you serve up a more personalized itinerary to travelers. And industry-leading content like points of interest, branded fares and hotel amenities are populated into every step of the workflow.

2 times new user productivity graphic

application adoption animation

Brand For Providers

This is your chance to serve up branded content in an intelligent retail space to more than 425,000 of the world’s travel agents.

In addition, your products and services will populate across every step of the workflow, so agents won’t miss an opportunity to upsell or find their best offer.

Build For Developers

Build from a complete palette of options. Manage custom workflows to create a seamless experience that suits your business.

Our robust modular platform and intuitive interface is designed to help you innovate at every turn. You can even provide insights and create efficiencies within the workflow by building through your custom applications with our APIs and Sabre Developer Toolkit (SDK).

Using APIs, you can also build applications that provide insights automatically into the workspace.


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